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         It is incumbent upon me to explain my sense regarding the writings in this collection.

None of my writings may be described as “published” in any formal sense of that word.  Although I have shared them casually with anyone who may have expressed any interest in them over the past fifty years or so, I have made no attempt to have them distributed in print except in ways so limited as to be irrelevant. 

My rationale for this is that I do not know if I am finished with them.  My experience tells me that I am not, as I have been inspired to modify most of my writings, some just a little and some quite a lot, over the years as I revisit them from time to time.  At no point in my consideration of their themes and topics have I felt that my take on them is honed to any kind of finality, as my life experience tells me not to presume such faultlessness from myself.  So I treat all of my writings as works in progress.  Any date you may see on an item is indicative only of when I may have begun putting pencil to paper on that particular item.  Undated ones are just that, and their themes have probably been kicking around in my head since I do not remember when.

Poetry and perspective are terms that may be used to describe most of my writing, although some of the items approach essay configuration and narrative formatting.  But, I am not concerned with those kinds of definitions.  The items are whatever they turn out to be when I am more or less satisfied of having conveyed to the reader, the concept, and my perspective of it, at the time of its writing.

My writings are not required reading; there will be no test.  Readers are not required to agree with my perspectives but simply to consider them as a reflection of the views of a fellow traveler in life's journey.

Wherever I cite any other writer, I attempt to acknowledge that as accurately as I can.  I also try to pay the same respect to sources and concepts that are shrouded by anonymity.   All the rest is strictly mine and can be blamed on no one else, though I am not an island and my views may well embody the influence of others.

My interest, for the foreseeable future, is to continue in this non-publishing mode, as this enables me to modify my writings as I deem fit.  When that is no longer happening, I leave it to my children and theirs to determine how they may wish to continue to share, or not, what I leave behind.

You will note that my writings are assembled into simple collections, alphabetically by title.  It is my intent to update these collections from time to time, and to edit them should I choose to do so.

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