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A Word to Visitors:

Please be assured that you have unfettered access to my writings and my full authorization to use them however you may see fit should you find some appropriate application for any or all of them.   While I will certainly be gratified to know that you may have found some pleasure in your readings of my works, it is not my objective to seek any personal financial gain from them.  I consider myself well-paid for my efforts through the satisfactions I have gained from wrestling with --- and sometimes overcoming --- the challenges that the disciplines of writing inspire and demand.

This website includes a dedicated email address should you wish to send me your comments, but please know that I will respond only as time and interest dictate.

I would respectfully ask, though, that, should you in fact experience some enjoyment and satisfaction as a result of my writings, or perhaps even find some remunerable usage for them, you consider a donation, --- directly, please,  ---  to your choice of any of the charitable organizations that do so much good and necessary work in our community, locally, nationally and world-wide.  It is my understanding that these organizations may issue a charitable donation receipt to you for your gift, subject perhaps to some minimum amount limitations.      


I ask one further kindness. Should you elect to make a donation, please reference it as a “Baba’s  Lamp“ one so that your generosity may be quantified by recipients from time to time.

Also, please feel free to share the link to this website with anyone who may have any interest in it.

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