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Baba's Lamp


...of ashes,


and gods... 

....writings by Marvin Marykuca

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 --- by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay       (1800-1859)

                  ... Then out spoke brave Horatius,
                                    the Captain of the Gate,

                 "To every man upon this earth
                                              death cometh soon or late

                  And how can man die better
                                              than facing fearful odds

                  For the ashes of his fathers
                                              and the temples of his gods"… 

It is my view that Macauley in the excerpt above encapsulates most capably the essence of humanity’s struggle to preserve, to the death, its memories and to justify its beliefs.   I can sufficiently skew this in my mind to hope that it will not render my selection of his words to caption my ramblings an affront to his intellect and reason.

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